The B9 Energy Group

The B9 Energy Group was created in 1992 with the specific purpose of developing renewable energy projects.

The B9 Energy Group is headquartered in carbon neutral offices in Northern Ireland, UK and has a global reach.

B9 Operations and Maintenance, having pioneered wind energy it is now the largest independent operator of windfarms across the UK and Ireland with 49 sites and 750 turbines under its management.

Other companies in the B9 Energy Groups are actively developing offshore wind, wave, tidal, anaerobic digestion projects and, uniquely, B9 Shipping is developing 100% renewably powered coastal cargo vessels. B9’s consultancy arm - B9 Solutions allows organisations to draw on The B9 Energy Group’s vast experience and knowledge in this now fast growing sector.

B9’s heritage in the renewable energy sector, deep knowledge and understanding of legislation and ability to spot viable future technologies enables B9 Energy, as environmental entrepreneurs, to view the wider landscape of opportunity offered by the Age of Sustainability.

B9 Energy’s constitution is built around the three foundation stones of environmental best practice, social responsibility and sustainable business. We see business as a Force for Good.

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