B9 Organic Energy

B9 Organic Energy has evolved from the B9 family and has been set up specifically to develop the vast reserves of renewable energy embedded in organic matter. This organic matter is more commonly known as organic waste, and the energy potential can be harnessed using a natural process called Anaerobic Digestion. This process is the action of naturally occurring bacteria breaking down the organic material and turning it into biogas (methane), which can be used for generation of electrical power or vehicle fuel.

The Company has researched, invested and created partnerships in order to produce renewable energy by:

  1. Developing and managing the financing of enhanced anaerobic digestion facilities in the UK and internationally;
  2. Building, owning and operating enhanced anaerobic digestion facilities;
  3. Appraising renewable energy technologies on the market for optimum technical efficiency and bankability;
  4. Installing and managing infrastructure to develop landfill gas to power;
  5. Clean-up and compression of the landfill gas/biogas for use as a vehicle fuel.
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