The Irresistible Business Case
In an uncertain world predictability is king.
B9 Ships are robust and future proof assets designed for resilience in a volatile future.
Outputs from the B9 Validation Test programme have been analysed by UCL’s techno-economic team. B9 Ships’ capital costs will be slightly higher than similarly sized oil powered ship to account for the extra engineering involved in integrating the hybrid propulsion systems and the embedded materials in the masts.
Using conservative estimates of future fuel price fluctuations and modelling the economic case for B9 Ships in two different future scenarios, one with no climate price and another using very conservative assumptions of costs to shipping of climate change levies we estimate payback on a B9 Ship, compared to an oil fuelled similar sized vessel, to be within 3-5 years.
Operational costs are predictable over the long term.  The two fuel supply costs can be fixed for the lifetime of the vessel.
WIND - Contribution to journey times/fuel saving from the wind is calculated on any given route from historic data provided by the Met Office.
BIO-GAS - Long term, fixed price liquid bio-methane supply contracts will be agreed with B9 Organic [link] and advantages passed on to customers.
Capitalising on these advantages the B9 Shipping consortium is developing innovative leasing products to enable hard pressed ship owners to ready access to B9 Ships.
The demand for the transport of dry bulk and general cargo commodities is growing fast creating high growth in the newbuild ship markets. Taking estimates of scrappage and fleet turnover from a variety of sources including Clarkson’s dry bulk output February 2013, forecasts of the proposed B9 Ship type and size were made for a total of nearly 1400 ships required by 2020. If we assume a modest 5% share of these newbuildings were B9 Ships we would expect to see more than 100 B9 Ships in action. Each build might have created 10 jobs and this many B9 Ships would already be saving 1% of the global fleets CO2 emissions.


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