B9 Ships will be built using efficient manufacturing processes based on prefabricated rolled steel plate “kits”.
  • Assembling the ‘flatpack ship’ is a relatively straightforward shipbuilding job reducing need for highly skilled, expensive labour
  • Keeps manufacturing costs low
  • Lean manufacturing systems and technologies further improve manufacturing performance
  • Cutting and rolling steel at source reduces material waste and improves overall eficiency as off-cuts are re-used without incurring transport costs at the furnace
  • In collaboration with Tata sustainability and steel teams, B9 Shipping is exploring the long term financial value of designing the ship at the outset for it’s eventual re-use, or as it’s also known - closed loop, enabling materials, whose value will have increased 30 years hence, to be easily reclaimed.
  • Key personnel with the B9 SHIP network have direct experience of designing, building operation and performance feedback from a fleet of similarly built steel vessels
The first B9 Ships will be around 100m long with 55m high masts and a fully automated modern rig square sail system.

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