About Us by David Surplus, the Founder and Chairman of The B9 Energy Group. 

A Changing World

As a long established player in the renewable energy sector we are, at last, witnessing the levels of growth and commitment to clean energy that we could only dream of in 1992. But we are still beset by challenges - short term politics just isn’t sufficiently enabled to take on the vital structural improvements the planet needs; we need to face up to lifestyle changes, to food shortages and a radically different climate. We must be vigilant about the vested interests artfully skewing debate around the science of climate change and look around us and question the extraordinary weather experiences facing us season by season. 

The world is waking up and B9 is well positioned to nurture and accelerate the pace of change needed to avoid catastrophe. I’m an engineer; I thrive on data, statistics and facts. From all the evidence that comes my way my overall assessment is that we are cutting it very, very fine but I firmly believe we can ensure that we create a habitable - if different - planet for our children.

We must embrace the resources remaining available to us and collaborate to seek out inspirational engineering solutions; we must make good use of an abundance of human talent and recognise the immense opportunities in the inter-connectedness on offer to us.

Business has the motivation to drive accelerated change. Business is pragmatic and it has seen the writing on the walls. Long term strategic thinking recognises it must take account of climate change, damage to eco-systems and the impact this has on homo-sapiens. Otherwise business’s markets disappear and then there is no business.

B9 is family owned. It allows us to be nimble, radical and to innovate. Being profitable enables us to recycle our profits in to new project developments. Increasingly we are collaborating with influential and multi-national corporations and together we are taking huge and authentic steps towards a low carbon world. In collaboration we can move faster and more effectively than we can alone.

As an environmentalist I embrace pragmatic, open communication as an essential to development. As an entrepreneur I see a world of opportunities in creating sustainable growth. That growth is not only measured in monetary terms, it’s also about our own personal growth, our ability to overcome our prejudices and judgements and always seek the best possible solution for the sake of our children.