B9 Solutions | Reassuringly Experienced In An Uncertain World

B9 has been operating successfully in the renewable energy arena for nearly 20 years. Our knowledge of the technologies and funding sources available to support innovation in this space; our experience in developing radical projects and engaging with stakeholders across the landscape is reassuring in the fast changing world of renewable energy.

Knowledge and experience coupled with the acute awareness that we need to transition fast to effect a low carbon economy allow us to envision creative, pragmatic and swiftly implemented solutions.

Over the years we’ve accumulated a lot of experiences in developing renewable energy projects, we’ve met a lot of people, lobbied a lot of government departments, engaged with plenty of Universities and we are constantly exploring the new frontiers in renewable development.

We can create the perfect research and development team to support your aspirations and explorations into how renewable energy can improve your bottom line and everyone’s standard of living.
We collaborate with individual farmers to develop small scale AD plants and we advise on national infrastructure programmes with a long term strategic vision in wide ranging, long term collaborative developmental projects.

We are reassuringly experienced in this fast changing world. Contact us to discuss your carbon reduction strategies or your vision for transitioning to a low carbon, resilient future.

Why Choose to work with B9 Solutions Ltd ?

B9 Solutions combines the knowledge and expertise from across the B9 Energy Group to offer a consultancy service that is, perhaps uniquely, derived from proven experience and hands-on involvement in the renewable energy sector for 20 years.

B9 Solutions are also privileged to oversee the running of the very successful Granville Eco Park.

Granville Eco Park | Managed by B9 Solutions Ltd

Established in 2010 and based in Granville Industrial Estate in Dungannon, Granville Ecopark is an innovative company which develops renewable energy by means of Anaerobic Digestion using cutting edge technology.

Granville’s team is made up of highly motivated, qualified individuals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the waste industry.

At Granville Ecopark we will work with your company to evaluate your bio-waste requirements which can also include a bio- waste audit, logistical recommendations, staff training, strategic signage and equipment supply. We can also provide empirical data showing how much energy and digestate your waste provided over a one year period.