Our Constitution

B9 is a sustainable business.

We fully embrace the concept that our long-term success depends on the wellbeing of the global environment, society and economy.
Health and Safety considerations are at the heart of our work. Our people, and people we work with, wherever they are in the world, are our first priority.

We commit to tackling the twin challenges of Climate Change and Peak Oil to smooth the transition to a low carbon, diverse and thriving economy for our children. Sometimes this means taking challenging decisions and we always do this through wide consultation - gaining knowledge - and deep conversations, exploring the ethical considerations and we always select the best next step on the path to transition. We have been driving the renewable energy agenda for nearly 20 years because we are serious about our responsibility as guardians of our planet.

We commit to being a profitable organisation so our profits can be recycled into new global renewable energy development projects. New projects create new jobs and broaden opportunities for the people we work with.

The B9 Energy Group is a thriving example of a triple context - people, planet, profit - business.